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Ann you 'are' an artist, your work is so creative and really wonderful! I hope you do not mind but I just pinned 'Circus' to my pinterest patchwork board, I love it, and have been meaning to go back through your blog to find and pin it.

Your desk description makes me wish I had some artistic talent of that bent, but alas, a colouring book and a new box of crayolas would be my speed.
I hope you go for it and have fun!

Jill, what a lovely comment! Thank you very much. I'm actually pretty thrilled that you pinned my Circus quilt to your patchwork board on pinterest. Thanks for the encouragement to get into the drawing adventure as well!

what a fantastic workspace you have created!!! (as if you need more space to be creative....never seen such gorgeous quilts!!) can't wait to see all these new crafts showcased here.

Thanks for the encouragement, Steph! I'm still having some trouble getting over my own inhibitions at making art at my art desk, but I'll work on myself.

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