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Here in the Similkameen we are also having water problems - I have never seen the river so low at this time of year, - and tonight I was out deadheading yellow daisies (which have been spectacular but they don't usually bloom until August and carry right through until frost) I was pleased to hear the weather person predict a little rain for the Okanasgan and Boundary country, but so often it bypasses us here in this deserty land.

Lovely pictures, and congratulations on your anniversary!

I'm not surprised to hear, Hildred, that the Similkameen is low: my dear husband took at look at the Kettle as it flows through Midway this morning and says it looks as though one could easily wade it, no more than knee deep. So frustrating to keep getting forecasts of rain that amount to a dozen drops or so. Thanks for your kind thoughts about our anniversary!

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