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I love the new large font! Thank you. What a lovely sounding date. I felt like I was along on your walk with you. May your future be filled with more adventures. Love \mahina

Thanks, Mahina! I'm glad the new font suits you: it suits me, too, now that my eyes aren't as sharp as they used to be. I'm glad that you felt you were with us on our art date. Hope all is well with you and yours.

I too love the beauty of the Similkameen valley. Living in Hedley has given me a new appreciation of the area. I have a bundle of those red osier branches in my living room and enjoy the colour they lend a dark corner. So glad to hear you are painting again and hope you'll share some of your work in the future. yay for retirement!

Hi Jill: In Hedley, you have not just the beauty of the river and the valley but those stunning, enormous slabs of folded rock above you. Every time I go through I slow down to admire the ribbons of different colours of rock high overhead. I think it might take a bit of time before I'm courageous enough to show the results of my renewed adventures in painting, but thanks for the encouragement. Hey! I never noticed the etymological connection between "courage" and "encouragement" before! How cool. Thanks for writing.

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