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It's so good to see that you've got your quilting mojo back. I like your happy new quilt!

Thanks, Myrna: Yes, this is the first new quilt top in a year, so I'm pleased that this one came out well. My last finished quilts were all for the Tiptoe through Nature show at the Grand Forks art gallery: doesn't that seem like a long time ago? The show went up just about this time last year.

I love this quilt Anne, it is really an ode to spring! And the pieced back so much more fun than one solid colour. Thanks for taking us through the decision making and construction with you.
BTW is there a library raffle quilt underway this spring?

I'm glad you like my spring quilt, Jill! And I'm glad you like the back: I wondered if perhaps it was a little too out there, but it makes me happy. And yes, there is absolutely a raffle quilt in the works for the library this spring. We're just a little behind in the process. It's at the long-arm quilter right now and I think we have to wait to get it back (probably next week) before we can take photos. It's called Romeo and Juliet by Judy Martin, if you want to Google it to have a look. We're using completely different colours.

Another gorgeous quilt! I love the loosey goosey style of this and the happy colors.

I'm so happy to have met you and got your blog address.

Jaynie, thank you so much for visiting and commenting and for your encouraging words. I really appreciate your making it a point, at last week's retreat, to tell me it's time I start to enter quilts in the CQA NJS. I'd already decided that this was the year to take the plunge, but it means a lot to me that you think the same. I'm very glad to have met you and I'll say again that I think your leaf/river quilt is a stunner.

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