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It's nice to see that quilt again Anne, and revisit some of those batik fabrics. While making the bags for sale, I'm frequently working with colours that are not my favourites, needing to keep an eye on current fashion and seasonal trends. Through doing this, I've learned to appreciate other colour ways, and think the exercise is good for keeping an open mind and not sinking into a rut. Like you, though, I am happiest when working with the brights, and those bags sell too.

I never thought of that, Myrna, the bags and how you must have to choose colour palettes with an eye on sales rather than on your own preferences. I wonder, have you ever made a bag in colours you wouldn't have chosen and had the thought, "This palette would make a great quilt"? Thanks for commenting!

lovely.....who wouldn't love such a labor of love!

I really enjoy reading your blog.

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