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i love what you did with those dresden pieces...the quilt turned out fabulously!!!!.....and your hitofude! well on its way. (I really like the color you settled on!)

Thanks for your praise of my circus quilt, Steph! And you're a great cheerleader for the Hitofude project. I feel as if I'm on a roll, and the more I knit the more I think I chose exactly the right colour for this project.

Fascinating to read about all the recycled...I guess the new term these days is "up-cycled" thrift store fabrics, mens shirts, sheets etc that came together with so much enthusiasm to make a wonderfull homey and usable piece of art! I was a child of a Depression baby and so nothing goes to waste in my house. Every old shirt has every button removed before the transformation into a shop rag. Hooks and eyes and olld zippers are saved in the "zipper drawer" even though anyone who sews (and especially me) would rather do anything else than sew in a zipper. Repairing a zipper is its own form of ultimate hell!
I think it was WC Fields who said to never be in a movie with a child as they would always make you look bad and upstage you with their cuteness. Is this why the hounds of the RG household place themselves strategically in the shots....making great quilts look even better!!!?? Even a bad shot of a dog is a good shot in my books! Lovely, Anne. You inspire me to tackle my upstairs troll's den of a sewing room. Not even tidy enough to be called a studio...and you are the only one who has seen it!! The OG is going on a hunting trip right after Thanksgiving and that is where I will be....transforming the troll's nest into a usable and organized space...or that's the plan.
Talking of nests....I have one in my spyglass on the road where I walk the Bumbling Boys (my dogs) every morning. It is hanging from a tamarack tree and looks like a little pouch. It has been temp[ting me all summer, in my mind looking more precariously attached every day and hanging a fraction lower... and I am waiting patiently for a windy day so that I can collect it off the ground. A few years ago I found one of these pouch nests on the road, deposited by a strong gust of wind. What a blessing and a gift. I'm not sure of the birdie author of this kind of nest but they are a work of art! Nests are lovely things and finding a hummingbird nest is on my bucket list.
Thanks for the lovely pictures and words.....My friend has my wool for my Hitofude but has told me that it will not be started any time soon. Since I know that pouting will not help...and the fact that I assumed she would knit is for me.....has kept me gracious and thankful. Going upstairs now to see if I can find some other sock wool that will be better for my adventures into knitting. I know I have some under something up there!! Ha ha!!
I finshed "In My Own Heart's Blood" today and am desolate. Hopefully another good read will come along soon.

Louise, I've told the dogs they have received fan mail, but they seem to be unmoved. I, however, am not: thank you for all the lovely things you said in your long and meaty comment! I particularly appreciate your support for using recycled fabric in quilts: not everyone thinks that's appropriate. And I feel privileged to have been the ONE person that you have allowed to see your creative space. I like to think of all that art-in-waiting in your upstairs lair, beckoning to you now that you've retired. I expect to be invited back for an "after" reveal once you're done organizing up there. I'm so glad that we launched you on your sock adventure this afternoon: that skein that Judy gave you is superb and will make fabulous winter socks. Call me anytime if you get into difficulties and I will spring to the rescue. I'm confident that with a pair or two of socks under your belt you'll be poised to do some lace knitting and can undertake the Hitofude on your own!!! Just imagine how pumped you'd be to make it yourself. And then you wouldn't have to wait for anyone else to get around to making it for you. Lovely to have you back in the school today. There, do you feel better, now that I finally got around to responding to your comment? It was unconscionable of me not to have responded promptly. See you soon.

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