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Love Chroma Code!!!! Been thinking about how much I know you would love to be visiting me next week (I live in Paducah....its the annual AQS Quilt Show!!! We'll be leaving town.....it's CRAZYYYYYY here that week!)

I do admire your work and the prodigious efforts you put into such lovely 'products'. My quilting experience has been limited to one Crazy Quilt which I made into a duvet cover, but now would like to turn into a proper quilt.

However, - I am also trying to use up my stash of threads and have a linen warp I am threading on my loom, - it is taking forever, so I have to limit my expectations of what I can accomplish! Lovely to be young.......

Oh, Steph, you're right: I would LOVE to be in Paducah for the AQS show!! It kind of boggles my mind that you actually leave to avoid for that week, but I can imagine that having all those people descend on your town must make daily life difficult. Perhaps I'll get there one day . . . Thanks for the thumbs up on Chroma Code!

Well, Hildred, I guess that "young" is relative: thanks for reminding me that I'm young from your point of view (perhaps I spend too much time with teenagers). I too have those thoughts about what I have time to accomplish in the remainder of my life. But I'll concentrate instead on all the glorious years of creativity that still stretch before me. Thanks for the insight. It was great to see the math and science teachers at the quilt show today.

I love reading your blogs. Your choice of words always amazes me. Your articles have such detail in them. Your sound like you love learning new things. Keep up the great work and enjoy your Summer

Gloria, I really appreciate these kind remarks. Thanks very much for reading my blog, and even more for leaving a comment. I particularly like hearing that you enjoy the details in my posts: I do tend to go on and on so it's good to know that you read along with pleasure.

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