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WOW! What an amazing and beautiful show! I wish i could have been there. Such a rich experience. As always, thank you for your blog, Anne.

PS. i was going to mention the "guitar" but found it had already been changed to "cello".


Hi Jeremy:

Thanks for your appreciative comment! I dearly love to get a comment, particularly one as enthusiastic as yours. Of course a musical person like you would have immediately spotted my "guitar" error: it occurred because I was viewing that cello quilt with someone who was contemplating making a guitar quilt by the same designer. It took my dear husband's eye to spot the error (and a few others). And I'm sure the show organizers and participants would be glad to know you were impressed even by the tiny selection of quilts I photographed: I'll pass that along.

I also meant to add my comment about the Chroma Code quilt....it is powerful when horizontal as bed quilt and equally so in a very different way when vertical. Both would catch my eye.


Thanks, Jeremy. I can't decide which orientation of Chroma Code I prefer. But it wouldn't make much of a bed quilt for anyone over the age of two, since it's only about 40 inches longwise. A couple of people who saw it first on the blog and then in person on the weekend were surprised at how small it is: I guess I didn't do a very good job of suggesting scale in the photographs. But those comments and yours have given me the idea that this quilt is worth making again in a much larger version.

Anne, I recently discovered your comments on my blog and I've been having the BEST time exploring yours! I'm glad your friend "introduced" us to each other and I look forward to following your blog! It looks like you had a grand time at the quilt show! Diane

Hi Diane:

I'm really glad that we've connected. And I'm glad to see that you're back to blogging yourself: I've got you bookmarked. Still loving those flying geese quilts . . .

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