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I do enjoy your blogs, and set aside a time to read the length of them at one sitting - photos of the blossoms are lovely, and your husband's paintings very admirable. I particularly like the fisherman. Although I don't highway drive any more I might get over to Oliver to see the showing.

You might be interested in Jill Salter's pictures which have been hung at Tree to Me here in Keremeos by the Tumbleweed Gallery (also a co-op) - until the end of June.

Will look forward to the new quilt. I have warped my loom for some fingertip linen towels, - trying to use up my stash!

Thanks very much, Hildred, for your comment, your praise, and for the time you invest in reading my blog posts. I'll make a note of Jill Salter's work at the gallery in Keremeos and hope we'll get there to see it. I love to think of you weaving with linen, which I think of as a magical fibre. I'm looking forward to seeing photos of your finished towels.

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