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Those last four photos are a hoot. Ever thought of making up a Django calendar? You must have at least 12 photos featuring him. If not, take a few more!

We're so pleased your one quilt a great one, and a favorite in this household) was so well displayed, and what dh did with the fish is really impressive. Water is so hard, and he aced it.

Love, Dad

Thanks, Dad!! I'll pass along your praise of the dh's treatment of water in his fish painting. He was saying just last night that he thinks that water is becoming a recurrent theme in his work and therefore perhaps something to focus on even more. And I'll tell Django that you think he's calendar-worthy. I do indeed have many photographs of the woolly boy and will have some more for next week's post: he's had most of his spring haircut and therefore looks even more photogenic than usual.

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