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I love your duck robot, or whatever it is! Are you accepting commissions? Ha ha! Also, I was gratified to note that your new quilt bears out the colour theory, in that the warms advance while the cools retreat (I thought it was most noticeable before you added the borders). I'm intrigued with the notion of using warm/cool as a way of creating contrast.

Thanks, Myrna. I would certainly accept a commission, should anyone decide that a duck robot is exactly the design note that a garden requires! It seems rather quirky, even somewhat goofy, to me, but I confess I'm fond of it. Of course, I have to wait eleven weeks until I can get my hands on the Mig welder again, possibly seven months, since our shop teacher seems to work only second semester. Intriguing, that you saw the cool back/warm forward principle at work in my diamond quilt: I'll have to go back and take another look.

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