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Congratulations on the new adventures. Looking forward to reading all about them. And yes, I do read the blog. Many times i will scan the photos first, but I always return to read the meat of the blog. Remember, teaching does not need to happen in a classroom. My students are out learning to drive a team in the back 40 at the Caravan these days. Love ya. Mahina

Thanks, Mahina! We had our good friends the Rock Creek Fair draft horse organizer and her husband and four kids for dinner last night, and the girls remembered with excitement your teaching them to drive your Fjords. They'd love to do it again. You're right: teaching happens everywhere, not just (and perhaps not best) in a classroom. We also showed them all of the photos I took at Caravan and told them our best Caravan stories: they'll definitely be in the audience at some point next year.

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