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Hi Anne ... just to say that I am so glad you are finally able to spend more time in your studio and to climb into the car with the rest of the Greenwood Library quilters and head out on a road trip! Now - if "J" would just retire, we'd be "all for one, and one for all"!

Thanks, Ann! I agree: it's great to be free to jump on board with whatever road trip is happening with the GPL quilters. (My dear husband's comment: "It's not exactly Thelma and Louise.") Which I think is a good thing, on balance. You're right: we'll have to work on our one remaining working woman to join the ranks of the happily unemployed.

Ann it puts me at ease to know I am not the only one who throws fabric in bins instead of folding them neatly. I have tried to be more organized but disorder always seems to rule.

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