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Dear Anne

Please don't give yourself a hard time about how frequently you post. If you give it to us too often it won't seem as special. I don't know if I'd find the time to read it if came every week. Keep us wanting.

Love Mahina

Your posts are always inspiring and interesting Anne, no matter if they be weekly or monthly. Loved reading about the Library arts and craft sale, such an impressive undertaking for a small town library. Kudos!

Thanks, Jill, for your very encouraging comment! I'm glad you enjoy my posts. It makes me smile to know that you can picture the Greenwood library clearly, and I'm sure you attended craft fairs in past years. I know, also, that you did your share to support the library. I remember working with you on those very first raffle quilts . . .

Mahina, thank you as well, for your encouraging comment. I have written back by email, but it occurs to me to mention here that if I didn't write quite so much (cough) for each post, you might have time to read them more often. Succinctness is not my strong point.

Wow, indeed for two grizzly sightings. Makes me tingly feeling just reading and seeing the pictures.

Thanks for reading, Jaynie. I know: we were incredibly lucky. I'm glad that the thrill came through in my post and you felt it too.

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