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Darn! I was hoping that we'd get to read that poem. I did turn the computer on it's side and read the first page. I have had the opportunity to enjoy a few of your DH pennings.

Oh Mahina, what a great visual, your turning the computer to try to read page one of my Christmas poem for dh. I laugh whenever I picture you doing it. I'm leaving it up to him to decide whether I can share the poem with the world. It's really not meant for anyone but him and it's certainly not great literature, so it's tough to decide. I hear that he reduced many of the Caravan folks to tears with his tribute to horses this year: I certainly welled up when I read it. I have to get busy and transcribe his piece so it can be published on the Caravan website: Estelle has asked for it. Caravan is a wonderful incubator for creativity, and I'm really sorry I didn't get there this winter. Oh well. Another year, perhaps.

Your sisters' quilt in her great room looks like a picture from a home interior magazine. The quilt and the room enhance each other. What a beauty.

Thanks, Jaynie! I was just thinking about you today, as I raced to make the deadline for CQA NJS submissions. Your gorgeous landscape with the corded texture is one of the standout quilts I remember from the only two CQA shows I've got the catalogues for (and I've only been able to attend one in person). I don't know how my submissions will fare, but I certainly seem to have earned a "judge's choice" award with my sister, which is incredibly satisfying. Your appreciation makes me very happy too.

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