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congratulations Anne! I will certainly go see raven next time I make it to the city. I think you might have beat us in the accumulation department. We just lost the roof on the old homestead today. It's a little heartbreaking, but at least no one got hurt. Mahina

Thanks, Mahina! So sorry about your homestead roof. I'll show you what we lost in my next post. And our neighbours down the road had their garage roof cave in last week: they've only been in that property a few months, so I feel badly for them. I'd love it if you'd drop in and visit my raven in Vernon. My dh and I are hoping to get over there before the show ends to see everyone's work.

I have such a big smile on my face reading about your experience entering the NJS and getting in. Reliving the feeling of being accepted into that show for the first time is just as you describe- the excitement, the nod of acceptance from a jury of peers, the frustration of meeting entry requirements.

Now that you've got over that hurdle, SAQA has several calls for entry. Looking forward to seeing you and your quilts in Van. Jaynie

Thanks for your big smile while reading my post: it really is a super feeling, this moment in my art quilting career. I hope it gives you satisfaction to know you were the impetus for my submissions to the NJS. I will have a look at the SAQA calls for entry, though SAQA seems like another big step up in the art quilting world. Still, why not? It makes me happy to know that your map leaf quilt is touring the world because you entered it in a SAQA call for entries.

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