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Lovely photos, Anne. It makes me so wish that I could have hung out with you and dh that day.

Thanks, Wendy! Just think: when you retire, you too will have time for this sort of thing. You can come and hang out with us on the river whenever you like. Wouldn't that be great?

Ah, Yes, the ever trusting float on the back. I love the way the inhalation makes you rise up out of the water slightly, and if the water is really calm, you can let all your air out of your lungs and sink to the point that only your nose is sticking out above the water. I will think of you on your river next time I get a chance to float (that might just be in a bathtub at this point in the summer. Take care. Mahina

Hi Mahina:

Great to talk to you on the phone this morning, and thanks for the comment here! It was great to hear about the quilt barns you've been showing to horse-drawn wagon-loads of people: perhaps if I spread the word it could be a "thing" here too. I'll think of you and your lovely Fjords at the Rock Creek Fair this weekend; maybe the draft horse show will revive at some point.

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